Pit River Casino Installation Completion

Before and After photos of the Pit River Casino

The Pit River Casino exterior fa├žade design & upgrade is complete and the final effect is a warm lodge style entrance structure with clear signage identification to lure casino-goers back again and again.┬áBefore, the use of a monotone wood over the entire porte cochere combined with spindly support pillars and block concrete bases as accents gave the casino an entry that left much to be desired and had an unbalanced feeling. To fix the understated styling of the existing porte cochere, I-5 created massive tapered stone columns as a support for the peaked roof structure above. We also created a sturdier look by lowering the face of the peak to allow a more prominent backdrop for the logo signage. The finished product is a welcoming lodge style entry which has a timeless appearance for this casino property.

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