Chicken Ranch Casino

Project Objectives

Chicken Ranch Casino wanted to repurpose their bingo room as a main gaming floor.

Design & Planning

Keeping a warm, natural feel, the design brings new life to the gaming floor.

The design included specialty ceiling structures that fan out from one corner of the room, creating a comfortable and fun ambiance. Two tree structures, designed as smaller versions of the large tree, provide staple points on the gaming floor. Plans also included a new “Roost” cafe to give patrons a place to get a bite to eat in between gaming.

Build & Install

Custom decor was built in the I-5 Design | Build facility.

The decorative tree columns and curving ceiling structures had their specialty wood laminate and beaten copper finishes applied before being pre-assembled in the I-5 Design |Build facility. The rest of the decor and lighting features were also pre-assembled before being sent to the casino to make onsite installation as seamless as possible and to cut down on construction timeframes.

Finished Project

The new gaming floor is an attractive space for guests and staff to enjoy.

The completed project has accomplished the purpose of revitalizing this area of the casino. The redesigned gaming floor is a festive place for gamers, while the cafe is a great place to eat without having to leave the casino. The new lighting and finishes have created the comfortable environment the casino desired, and the custom decor gives the gaming floor its own unique feel.