Chicken Ranch Casino

Project Objectives

Chicken Ranch Casino wanted to repurpose an underperforming bingo room into a high-energy gaming floor with an all-new buffet area to create a better customer draw.

Design & Planning

The color palette for the renovation was drawn mostly from natural warm colors with contrasting blue accents in the two slot “trees”. The walls around the “High Limit ” area reach only halfway to the ceiling in order to keep the area separate from the rest of the gaming floor while still inviting gamers in and giving them a preview of the High Limit action.

Build & Install

The large tree structure that fans out from one corner of the gaming ceiling was pre-constructed in the I-5 facility before being brought onsite for an efficient installation. This allowed the casino to remain open for as long as possible. The two large tree structures that build off the “Tree” theme were also pre-constructed with the wiring and finishes completed before the decor structures were brought to the casino.

Finished Project

The new lighting and finishes have created the comfortable environment the casino desired, and the custom decor gives the gaming floor its own unique feel. The refreshed area has brought new energy to the property, and the new cafe has provided an additional amenity for casino guests and staff.