Coeur d’Alene Casino

Project Objectives

The goal for the re-design of gaming floors, entertainment venue, and bathrooms was to provide a beautiful and dynamic gaming environment, building on the history and culture of the tribe in a contemporary, stylistic way and creating a draw for the entire region.

Design & Planning

The design worked within existing structural constraints to completely update the gaming floor without major structural changes. Although the areas addressed were renovated top-t0-bottom to produce a more contemporary look, the design still maintained the integrity of tribal culture. A mural featuring Native American artwork was created for the upper wall of one of the two gaming floors, and tribal motifs were used throughout to tie all three rooms together. Adding programmable lighting systems and LED media walls completely transformed the entire venue.

Build & Install

70% of the architectural features and decor for the all-new floor-to-ceiling finishes for this project were pre-built offsite with finishes applied and lighting systems tested ahead of time. This dramatically reduced onsite timeframes and allowed the project to be completed a full 3 months ahead of the original schedule. HVAC upgrades were also installed to improve air quality.

Finished Project

The venue now includes a fully integrated, color-changing lighting system, media LED screens, an extended stage, a new bar, and telescoping platform seating for a high-quality entertainment experience. The newly renovated event center can now be adjusted to accommodate a wider range of entertainment options.