Kickapoo Casino | Red Sky Grill

Project Objectives

In order to create a better customer draw, Kickapoo Casino wanted to improve the F&B program at their casino/hotel property by creating a new BBQ/bar venue.

Design & Planning

The concept for this new venue was to create a signature dining experience that allowed customers to remain in the heart of the gaming floor. The overall theme of the design was the great state of Texas, incorporating the Texas state flag, a beautiful desert sunset mural, and barbed-wire artwork on the curving ceiling structure.

Build & Install

The entire project took only 8 weeks to execute onsite and included a back-of-house expansion to accommodate the new menu and a new walk-in cooler and storage room to support the beer and liquor needs for the new bar. The large ceiling structures and chandeliers were pre-constructed in the I-5 facility in order to cut down the installation time on site.

Finished Project

Wood and stone accents create a high-quality, regional feel for the refreshed venue, and the sweeping curves of the bar and overhead decor provide a dynamic ambiance. Red Sky Grill is now an inviting place where gamers at the casino can take a break from the action, and the casino has experienced an excellent revenue increase from the new restaurant.