Paradise Casino

Project Objectives

A comprehensive, floor-to-ceiling upgrade transformed the entire gaming floor into an "Underwater Paradise". A cyclone-shaped, curving ceiling included color-changing LED lighting to provide an ever-changing array of color palettes and moods.

Design & Planning

Digital LED media screens were integrated into the upper portions of key walls to accentuate the visual theater of the gaming floor. The new gaming floor bar was designed to complement the “wow” of the gaming floor and provide a unique space to relax.

The existing restaurant was re-branded into a comfortable oasis called ‘The Cove’. The “Islands” inspired theme integrated warm wood finishes, a soft color palette, and unique accent lighting to produce an inviting dining space with an easy-going, relaxed ambiance.


Build & Install

Off-site preassembly of the main structures cut on-site installation times by 70%.

The custom decor was pre-constructed in the I-5 Design facility and installed in phases. Curving LED media screens were integrated into the back wall display to create a digital “Fish Tank” visual experience, offset by colorful coral bottle displays and integrated TV screens.

The screens and lighting were pre-programmed and customized to complement each other and the rest of the casino.

Finished Project

The project remodel refreshed the casino over the space of 12 weeks. Casino staff has the ability to change their gaming floor environment instantly, and the soft blue and green color palette of the decor provides a fresh, comfortable environment.