Paradise Casino

Project Objectives

The Quechan Indian Tribe of Yuma, Arizona, updated and refreshed all the interior customer areas of Paradise Casino with a new "Underwater Oasis" theme. The upgrades included transforming a total of 24,730 square feet, consisting of the gaming floor, main bar, restaurant, and entry areas.

Design & Planning

The mood of the gaming floor can now be changed at the click of a button.

The underwater design can be seen throughout the entire property, from the wave-like pattern in the carpet to the “aquarium” experience at the bar. The ceiling structure was designed to reflect the inside of a cochlear shell. The casino theme is intended to be an oasis in the middle of the Yuma desert. The Cove restaurant is a warm contrast to the gaming floor, giving the diners the impression of being on a tropical island surrounded by dazzling ocean waters.

Build & Install

Off-site preassembly of the main structures cut on-site installation times by 70%.

The installation of new décor was completed in phases, allowing the casino to remain open during construction. All the decor was pre-assembled in I-5’s cutting-edge facility, including the main spiraling ceiling structure. Pre-programmed lighting and media for the wall and bar LED screens were configured for an easy iPad control which gives casino management the ability to change the environment of the entire gaming floor instantly. The video system installed at the casino allows content to be remotely updated for holidays and special events.

Finished Project

A comprehensive upgrade transformed the entire gaming floor into an “Underwater Paradise”. A cyclone shaped ceiling structure included color-changing LED lighting to provide a constantly changing array of color palettes and moods. Digital LED media screens integrated into the upper portions of key walls accentuated the visual theater of the floor. Curving LED screens were also integrated into the new central Reef Bar to provide a stunning “fish tank” visual experience. This signature gaming floor is now a fantastic destination for guests, immersing everyone in an “underwater” world.