Prairie Band Casino

Project Objectives

Prairie Band Casino needed a revitalized gaming environment to update their property. They requested warm earth-tones to modernize their main gaming floor. The lobby space was to be repurposed as a bar and beverage station.

Design & Planning

The design intent for this project was to give a lively, sophisticated feeling to the gaming floor while keeping earthy tones throughout. The main ceiling structure now displays a warm, fiery color palette while the chandeliers and carpet reflect the muted greens requested by casino owners. A bar in the lobby was also designed with a dynamic atmosphere to welcome guests as they enter the casino.



Build & Install

The entire project was completed ahead of schedule in just thirteen weeks, including manufacture, demolition, and installation. Most of the custom décor was manufactured and tested off site at I-5’s state-of-the-art facility to allow for a seamless installation and less downtime on site. The onsite phasing plan maintained optimal gaming operations throughout the entire installation. Casino areas remained open as much as possible. In fact, gaming operated at 100% capacity during a busy holiday weekend which took place in the middle of the construction schedule.

Finished Project

Owners, staff, and guests were all extremely pleased with the result as can be attested by this quote from the general manager.

“I’ve never seen a gaming floor remodel turn out this seamlessly and end up with such a beautiful product. I really enjoy it, and the feedback that we’re getting from our customers is that it’s just amazing; it looks like a whole new property.”
– Bill Marsh, GM, Prairie Band Casino & Resort