Prairie Band Casino

Project Objectives

Prairie Band wanted to create a much more welcoming and exciting gaming environment that built on elements that were culturally significant to their tribe. In addition to refreshing the overall image of the gaming floor for a better guest experience, Prairie Band identified several non-performing areas to be transformed into a new lounge area and a new coffee bar.

Design & Planning

Planning for the gaming floor renovation featured an updated game layout, all new finishes, custom décor, and theming. The lobby renovation included all new flooring, storefront and doors, hotel registration area, and a new lounge and coffee bar – transforming dead space into a social gathering spot and additional revenue stream.

Build & Install

All decor was prefabricated off-site, including this central ceiling feature that was sized for the gaming floor and is approximately 46’ long. Pre-fabrication of the large structures added to the efficiency of the onsite construction, and the entire project was completed in just 13 weeks on site. The implementation was carefully planned and phased to allow uninterrupted casino operations throughout the project and a maximum number of games online at all times.

Finished Project

“I’ve never seen a gaming floor remodel turn out this seamlessly and end up with such a beautiful product. I really enjoy it, and the feedback that we’re getting from our customers is that it’s just amazing; it looks like a whole new property.”

– Bill Marsh, GM, Prairie Band Casino & Resort