Snoqualmie Casino

Project Objectives

Snoqualmie Casino wanted a multi-venue remodel plan to create a memorable and imaginative guest experience and increase the appeal and draw for their casino property.

Design & Planning

The overall design for each of the venues drew from the tribe’s origin as the people of the moon, and their connection with Snoqualmie Falls, a natural waterfall on the tribe’s land. The center “Mist Bar” was designed to upgrade the overall gaming floor experience by creating a primary venue that would be visible throughout the property. Specialty murals with custom Salish designs line the perimeter of the gaming floor, and coordinated color-changing lighting illuminates the mural and Mist Bar. The design for the new private gaming salon features a full-height glass entry, with a translucent privacy screen, and a stand-alone custom sound system to create a unique and exclusive VIP experience. The cafe and buffet venues were redesigned to provide more venues that reflect the high-quality brand and customer experiences that Snoqualmie Casino represents.

Build & Install

The three-dimensional artwork in the remodeled deli was designed specifically for the Snoqualmie tribe by I-5 Design’s in-house Salish artist and carefully crafted by a master woodworker. The Mist Bar was pre-constructed and assembled in the I-5 Design facility, including the curved LED screen that is inlaid in the upper valance of the bar. Custom content was provided to the casino with casino branding and animated Salish artwork. The bar was installed in 21 days, making a bare minimum impact on gaming operations. The subtle landscape-inspired design scheme continues into the Falls Buffet upgrade, which consisted of all new finishes and chandeliers that were pre-built offsite to save time during construction, allowing the buffet to reopen as soon as possible. The dynamic and welcoming upgrade to the entrance of the remodeled buffet features wall TV screens that constantly play footage of the Snoqualmie Waterfall which was videoed and edited by our Audio/Video team. 

Finished Project

Guests that come to Snoqualmie Casino now have multiple high-quality dining and gaming options. A non-smoking gaming room and a private gaming room were provided by I-5 as well as three signature dining venues. The Salish theme in the wall murals, wood artwork, and LED screen creates a cohesive feel in each of the unique areas, generating a sense of quality and high energy in the entire casino. 

“We have been extremely impressed in contracting with I-5 Design | Build, both in the design and planning of our projects, as well as the onsite performance. Throughout our projects, we’ve had clear and transparent communications, which has made a typically stressful process feel enjoyable. Even when components of the project were upgraded beyond their original scope, we have not been presented with any change orders, which is a rarity in construction and design. The transformation of our center bar occurred in just 21 days, with minimal impact to our team and our guests, which wouldn’t have been possible without their offsite construction techniques and the constant communication with their design and construction teams. The feedback from our guests has been excellent, and their consistent and flawless execution has earned them the Snoqualmie Casino Vendor of the Year Award. If you value sophisticated design and construction efficiency in your renovation projects, I highly recommend you talk to I-5 Design.” – Brian Decorah, President/CEO, Snoqualmie Casino