Soaring Eagle Casino

Project Objectives

Soaring Eagle Casino wanted to renovate seven key spaces within Soaring Eagle’s large gaming property in the Midwest. The existing poker room was to be transformed into an elegant High Limit area and an integrated VIP Lounge. Subsequent phases included a new Poker Room, Non-Smoking Space, and signature Sports Bar and Entertainment venue, along with an upgraded deli and a transformed Entertainment Hall.

Design & Planning

The relocated High Limit room design remodeled an existing poker area into a luxury gaming space with the full amenity of an integrated VIP lounge. A dramatic suspended wood panel ceiling, along with a new central entry structure, provided a strong focal point and dominant presence from the main floor. The new card-access VIP lounge offered a quiet, luxurious area for guests. From the dynamic color-changing lighting to the sweeping bar and ceiling structures, the Ascend Bar was designed as a premier multi-use venue, offering a world class sports bar environment along with an unparalleled live entertainment experience. The remodel was planned in phases to allow a maximum amount of gaming operations to remain open during construction to protect valuable revenue.

Build & Install

A majority of the décor components for each phase were built offsite at I-5’s cutting-edge facility to reduce construction time frames on site, and the High Limit phase was completed 2 weeks early as a result. Color-changing, controllable lighting for the Ascend and Entertainment Hall phases were also programmed and tested offsite. The programs were then fine-tuned to the unique areas and casino preference once the lighting was installed. The LED media screens for these two venues were pre-assembled and tested as well, ensuring seamless performance when installed on site. The bar remodel included a new kitchen and restrooms for the venue.

Finished Project

The impressive new signature venues and gaming areas now invite guests to luxurious accommodations whether they enjoy poker or non-smoking or high-limit gaming or a break from the action in the new VIP lounge, the Ascend sports bar, the renovated Central Deli, or the redesigned Entertainment Hall. The planned phasing of the project protected revenues by keeping as many slots and games active as possible during the remodel, and the new venues have increased the draw to the property.