Mesa Bar & Lounge

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Project Objectives

For the redesign of their Mesa Bar and Lounge, Buffalo Thunder Resort and Casino asked for a bold, modern theme to set this upscale sports bar apart — a theme that would blend both traditional materials and contemporary styling.

Lounge Design - Mesa Bar & Lounge, seating area with specialty wall panels.

Design & Planning

The plan created by I-5's casino bar design team was in keeping with the overall décor scheme for Buffalo Thunder, which integrated indigenous Pueblo-style elements as well as signature up-to-date accents.

Rippling metal overhead curtains in a deep periwinkle hue mimic the ribbon-like flow of spiraling water currents.  Gracing the center of the room are custom-designed chandeliers in a geometric, inverted umbrella style. In keeping with traditional Mexican craftwork, punched copper pendant lights skirt the perimeter, providing intimate lighting above booths and the bar area.  A centrally located, in-the-round adobe fireplace lends an inviting ambience to the bar atmosphere.  The space is finished with indigenous stone columns and wall faces with a backdrop wall covering in the same intense hue as the overhead metal curtains.