Raley’s Supermarket

Yuba City, California

Project Objectives

Raley's came to I-5 Design with a specific task in mind. At this particular location, they needed an upscale supermarket design to update an aging storefront façade, projecting the impression that it was a brand new store, as well as a remodel of key interior areas.

Supermarket and Grocery Store Design - Raley's wine area design.

Design & Planning

I-5 Design was able to create a supermarket design which dramatically upgraded the look of the store inside and out, without having to structurally alter the roofline.

 A rustic wine-country theme which incorporates vines and lattice decor features is accented with wood and stone.  The exterior signage is composed of dimensional letters on a mural backdrop depicting vineyard rows.  The interior department signage and structures echo the wood and stone used on the exterior and call attention to specialty areas such as the prepared foods “Kitchen” section and the gourmet cheese kiosk.  The vineyard motif is continued on murals throughout the store.