The Client Focused Process

Listening to you and looking for ways to "make you look great", is
our first priority in every step of the process.

“The casino decor designs were absolutely beautiful, the planning was extremely well thought through, and the communication during the project exceeded my expectations.”

-Travis Thompson , General Manager
One Fire Casino

Casino Design - Creek Nation Casino exterior design sketch

What is included in my conceptual design?

The first step for your design process is an on-site meeting where our design team carefully listens to your vision and goals for each area, while viewing the property as it currently is. Walking through your property, with you, establishes your intent and enables us to make initial design decisions that have a major impact on the final outcome of your project. Often times, existing architectural elements that seem to be a negative can be turned into a very useful component for your new design plan, eliminating the need for costly demolition and re-construction. Based on your input our design experts compile inspirational imagery, colors, and theming ideas to confirm the design direction that you have in mind.

“…they are always searching for ways to "make us look great". Which continues to be accomplished at every turn.”

-Stephanie Ursino, Vice President
Venture Bank

With 3D laser scanning software and equipment a detailed, digital scan of your entire property is done, providing precise and accurate measurements, ensuring your new designs will work with your existing structure. Using the 3D model as a foundation guarantees an extremely accurate survey of the existing conditions and allows us to work with those parameters to transform your space in the most efficient way, while serving you with a realistic model of what your final project will look like. Complete with authentic lighting and high quality textures your digital render views are sent for approval. Working closely with you and listening to your goals throughout the entire process minimizes any revisions and moves the project seamlessly to the design development phase.

Casino Design - interior design sketch

“Their design features have given our business a unique feel which helps attract and retains our customers.”

-Greg Stormans, Vice President
Stormans Inc. - Ralph’s Thriftway

Casino Design - Duck Creek Casino interior design render

Virtually walking through your new facility with 3D interactive software, the vivid colors and creative solutions, begin to bring your vision to life. With the opportunity to see how the project will look from your customer’s perspective we can work together to fine-tune the drawings, confirming the right atmosphere and visual presence is being created. With your approval we are well on the way to putting together design development drawings that will be used to begin construction of the elements and implementation plan for your project.

“They’ve seamlessly taken our projects from concept to completion, including design, permitting, and in-house manufacture ”

-Jerry Kesselring, Regional Manager
McDonald’s Corporation

“Our first concern during the fabrication and implementation process of your project is the safety of our customers and employees.”

I-5 Mission Statement

Restaurant Design - El Barquito Oyster Bar floor plan

Each member of I-5’s construction and manufacture team maintains up-to-date certifications for electrical, welding, painting and CLD – crane – lift equipment, as well as being OSHA certified for safety. Trained by the leading names in our industry you are guaranteed the highest level of quality and safety throughout your project.

“The I-5 Design staff have not only exceeded our customer service expectation, they continue to find solutions to every little challenge presented to them.”

– Stephanie Ursino, Vice President
Anchor Bank

How can I-5 help you in ways that an architectural firm cannot?

When starting a re-design and renovation or a new construction project you don’t just need a pretty picture. You need a design plan that considers structural and electrical loads, installation specifications, load research and specifications for weights and seismic considerations, exterior finishes and final design specifications for your entire project. You need a design team, fabrication team and a general contractor to oversee the implementation of your designs working with subcontractors to provide you with an entirely new environment.

Casino Design - construction

“I have coordinated other projects like this one and in looking back, one of the big advantages of working with I-5 was working with one company and a single contact keeping me apprised of all the details. In the past, I had to deal with many different entities and their schedules, but on this project, I-5 got me what I wanted – streamlined project management, and an impressive end product that is far exceeding our sales projections”

– Mike McLendon

Casino Design - chandelier construction

Why do I want I-5 for the construction phase?

Most firms would help you progress through one step of your project, offering you a limited view and one-sided perspective, leaving you to find someone to help with the next phase of your project. I-5 is a one-stop solution for your entire project. It is our objective to take your project from concept to completion in a seamless manner. By the time you have completed the design process with I-5, we have already begun the planning process for the creation and implementation of your entire project. Together our design team and on-staff architects, fabrication manager, factory foreman’s, and construction superintendent work closely to create exceptional solutions, considering every detail of your project, leaving you with a beautiful new space, completely finished and ready for your grand opening!

“With weekly reviews and daily meetings we are continually improving our systems in order to provide the best quality and timeframes possible.”

I-5 Mission Statement

Are you looking for a company to advance your project, taking care of every detail with the highest level of integrity and quality that will not “pass the buck”, but will own the responsibility and take your project to the finish line? You are in the right place!

Casino Design - planning meeting
Casino Design - chandelier construction

After the design is finalized your drawings are brought to our file preparation team, who take each element of your design, create production drawings, and transfer them to our fabrication team to execute. These detailed and precise digital files are uploaded to computerized equipment that route and form the elements to ensure absolute integrity of your design. Finished with high-quality polyurethane applied in a temperature-controlled spray booth and cured in a bake oven, the finishes and textures look even better in reality. I-5’s Ultra-Brite lighting system is applied to all illuminated elements and are tested and customized to create exactly the right glow before they ever arrive at your facility. Because your design is “one-of-a-kind” and was created to fit your space and utilize existing structures, every design element is fabricated from the ground up with high quality materials and finished and assembled in-house to ensure a seamless implementation.

With each design element pre-assembled, carefully packaged and shipped to your location, we are ready to begin the next phase of your project!

“The implementation of the casino design was so efficient that our doors never closed and revenues never went down, and in fact went up immediately. Both our customers and we are extremely happy with the results.”

-Travis Thompson, General Manager
One Fire Casino

Will the implementation process be an inconvenience to my customers?

An owner or manager’s greatest concern during renovation can be the loss of revenue or the safety of his employees and customers.   Listening to you and working with you to create the most convenient implementation plan allows us to be on-site during the slowest times for your business. Separating a project into zones is another way that I-5 keeps the doors open to your customers. This not only allows you to continue your operations, but it adds the element of excitement and mystery as your employees and customers begin to see the new environment unfold.  They want to return frequently to see “What else have they done?” Many of our clients have actually seen revenues begin to increase during installation, due to the “performance” created as each new area is finished.

“Safety first” still guides the process during this phase of the project. The safety of you and your customers, as well as our employees, is our primary concern as the new environment is installed. To assure safe and healthy working conditions, every member of our implementation team is OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) certified. The creation of project zones, as mentioned above, also helps to keep the business and renovation areas separate from one another for greater safety but still allows your customers to glimpse what you’re doing to create a place where they want to be.  

Casino Design - Carpet installation

“Having a group of guys climbing around in front of the doors all day could cause a real inconvenience for customers, but I-5 made it almost seamless and didn't interfere with a single customer.”

-Stephanie Ursino , Venture Bank

Casino Design - sign installation

How long does the implementation process take?

Every project is unique and has its own requirements.  Before we begin creating your décor elements, you will receive a close estimate of the time necessary to bring your new environment to life, but with a dedicated, skilled, and efficient implementation team, working to complete your project ahead of schedule is our goal.

“In any projects this size, I have come to expect deadlines to change, so I really had no expectation of completion by our target date, however I was pleasantly surprised. I-5 completed the project, including all the necessary sign-offs and approvals, actually beating our original projections.”

-Mike McLendon

Because each décor element is pre-assembled in our factory, implementation is able to be completed more quickly than with other construction companies. With engineered construction plans, there is no guessing,  and,  just like pieces to a puzzle, the components of your design fit together seamlessly. The renovation and implementation of many projects are completed in just a few weeks, and revenues begin to increase immediately, sometimes during the renovation.

Casino Design - Valance installation

“It is now several months after our Grand Opening, and we are extremely pleased with the new operation and the high sales volume that has been generated.”

-Mike McLendon

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