Progressive bank design balances high tech and high touch

Since their business became part of the hotly competitive financial services industry, success-oriented banks are focused on serving a range of customers with different priorities and expectations. How well these institutions employ interior design, furnishings, signage and other elements to attract, serve and retain customers today, will help determine profitability tomorrow.

Tech-savvy, younger customers tend to value the convenience of services they can quickly initiate and complete themselves. This segment is more likely to use ATM and kiosk outlets rather than seek out tellers for financial transactions. Way-finding signage will help provide a self-serve environment, easy access and greater customer satisfaction.

More traditional bank customers may respond positively to personal interaction with bank personnel and relationship-building customer service. Attractively furnished seating and meeting areas designed for comfort and privacy while attending to bank business are important to older customers and others who value personal service.

Creating a dynamic, cost-efficient sales environment that satisfies the needs of both high-tech and high-touch bank customers will help progressive institutions

achieve ongoing success.

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