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Franchise restaurant design

Over the years, I-5 Design and Manufacture has created custom exterior and interior designs for restaurant chains that tie into the overall branding package of the franchise, while creating atmospheres that are unique to the specific location. For one of the McDonald’s locations that we worked on we incorporated an earthy color palette and cultured stone, based on input from the client, to produce a more upscale feel, while maintaining a fast-paced and sleek look. This new design included iconic elements such as the characteristic arches that link every location together, and the ‘M’ logo that is unmistakable. Working with Dairy Queen, we created 3D renderings that showed the client exactly how the new space would look upon completion. We then manufactured and installed each individual component to ensure that the design intent was carried through to the end. The overall look of this location was modern and contemporary, while natural materials gave it an inviting appearance and helped to preserve the integrity of the Dairy Queen corporate branding.

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