Restaurant décor choices made simple

When planning a new restaurant, one of the biggest decisions will be how to create an interior décor plan that reflects the genre of the food being offered while establishing the unique identity of your restaurant. Following are some questions that could help in the design process.

Does the décor accurately reflect the cuisine being offered?

Whether you serve seafood, sushi, steak, or specialize in dishes from specific regions, each will have a different design style that complements the food and is accurate in its representation, meeting the customers’ expectations in creating the right setting for that type of cuisine. Colors and textures, as well as historically accurate architectural forms and lighting styles should all work together to reinforce the impression.

Do the décor and furnishings work with the formality or non-formality of the restaurant?

Formal restaurants are generally more conducive to people experiencing a full course meal and conversation in a leisurely fashion. The seating should therefore be more comfortable and the environment more intimate. Casual dining could have a combination of booths and chairs to promote a comfortable but faster-paced dining experience. The décor usually employs brighter colors, unique lighting, and a more open floor plan to promote this type of atmosphere. Fast-food restaurants typically have non-upholstered seating creating a more streamline environment to promote quicker, in and out service. Your décor style and seating arrangements will be based on the menu and whether it’s formal, casual, fast-food or in between.

Should the decor style be classic, contemporary or something else?

Even if you are serving a very specific type of food from a particular region, you can tie into that style without having to do it in a literal way. There is a contemporary and a classic way to interpret most styles, although today, a more contemporary style usually has longer lasting appeal and will satisfy a broader range of people. For example, an Asian restaurant could be done in a very traditional way using architectural elements such as pagodas, Chinese lanterns, and design elements such as dragons, or, a more contemporary Asian style could be used which emphasizes particular elements such as strong horizontal lines, natural colors and simple shoji screens as room dividers. The latter would appeal to a broader range of consumers and could also coincide for a more modern interpretation of the menu items. I hope these tips help you in choosing the appropriate décor style for your restaurant- A style which establishes the theme that you desire, accomplishing a well done décor plan which will attract new customers and keep your existing customers coming back. Whether you own your own restaurant or are planning one for the future, these are a few simple considerations that will assist you in determining the direction you want to go as you plan your new venue.

Bonnie W.

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