Emily’s Bistro | Restaurant Design



I-5 Design and Manufacture was asked to develop a conceptual restaurant design plan for a proposed dining venue that would offer more than just a typical restaurant experience—including multiple space-use options.

Design highlights

Designing from the ground up, I-5 brought together materials and layout ideas that would provide customers a variety of dining and seating options, while conveying a casual yet sophisticated atmosphere. Distinct areas included:

• A cozy living-room type setting at one end of the venue, featuring a stone fireplace and comfortable seating

• Informal table and counter seating

• A more private raised seating area

• A tele-conference center for group meetings and gatherings

• Casual outdoor seating with overhead trellis

Décor elements featured:

• Custom entrance design and signage with arched roof and flanking brick-based columns

• Interior stone and mixed wood accents

• Pendant and directional lighting

• Wall mural artwork


The client was pleased with I-5’s innovative design plan, which created a handsome, contemporary and welcoming dining venue while also offering a variety of usage possibilities for customers.

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