Restaurant Environmental Design

If you’re in the restaurant business today, your customers are part of the Experience Economy. They want to be engaged in a personal way when they walk in your door and spend time in an environment designed for their dining pleasure. Exterior and interior design are key elements in creating an overall dining experience that brings customers in, keeps them coming back and encourages them to spread the good word about your establishment.One of most effective ways a restaurant can market itself as an appealing culinary destination is by word of mouth. Unleashing positive “buzz” means delivering a dining experience that’s out of the ordinary and in the minds of customers long after their meal is over. Great food and great service is the gold standard. But welcoming, innovative design elements that run the gamut from bold colors, dramatic lighting and, perhaps, an open exhibition kitchen — to a quiet, subdued ambiance that encourages ease, intimacy and desire to linger over a meal, all add to the total experience.

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