St. Kitts Experience | Restaurant Design



I-5 Design and Manufacture was asked to design a comprehensive décor environment for this lively themed restaurant, located in one of the Caribbean’s favorite vacation destinations.

Design and finished product highlights

Developing a restaurant design theme around pirate ships and sea brigandry, I-5 was able to create an entertaining escape for guests in both the restaurant and lounge area. Major elements of the entertainment-focused environment included:

• 3-dimensional themed settings depicting engaging scenes

• Realistic, life-sized costumed figures

• Life-like plants, themed décor and landscaping

• Faux rocks and stone walls

• Artistic murals emulating natural skies and far sea horizons

• An overall sense of escape, fantasy and fun

Production and implementation

Except for the figures, décor elements were manufactured and implemented by I-5 Design, tying the unique interior theme together and making for a streamlined, efficient installation.


Guests are treated to a rollicking, lighthearted experience that takes dining from ordinary to extraordinary. I-5’s “concept to completion” advantage meant a smooth project execution and expedited schedule, from start to finish.

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