Seamless Project Implementation

During the manufacturing phase of a project, our production managers work closely with the client to create a detailed installation schedule that will be the most time efficient and cause the least disruption to customer flow. To ensure the most productivity on-site, all of the décor is preassembled in our shop and systematically loaded into the installation truck that is shipped to the job location. Many times, to avoid excess downtime to high-traffic venues, our expert installation crews work at night, and/or section off small areas at a time. By communicating with the client throughout all phases of the project, the upgrade can be completed in a shorter time period, with no hassle to the facility. The outcome: a great looking venue and happy customers.

Here’s a quote from one of our customers:
“Having a group of guys climbing around in front of the doors all day could cause a real inconvenience for customers, but I-5 made it almost seamless and didn’t interfere with a single customer that I saw or heard about. Thank you.”

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