Smart design goes beyond establishing brand identity

Brand identity design employs logos, color palettes, signage and other unique visual images to represent how a company wants to be seen in the marketplace. It’s a powerful marketing tool. Customers attracted to a company because of what its brand promises will return with the expectation of repeating a positive experience.

But brand design can show its age. Visual representations should change as a company changes to sustain impact and spotlight new directions and capabilities. A brand update may include new exterior façades, interior design, signage, color selections, materials and more.

Evolving brand design also can spotlight value-added differences among companies that share the same brand.

McDonald’s exterior façade image of the golden arches draws immediate recognition worldwide. But outlets that serve the same area often compete for customers and stretch their brand identity to include amenities targeting specific customer segments. Their expanded brand design may include childrens’ play areas or designated tables that accommodate meetings or special events.

Good brand design never remains static. It evolves as a company’s identity and strategic direction evolve to capture competitive advantage and increase profitability.

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