Specialty Lighting Fixtures

Light sources are some of the most overlooked and underfunded areas of any retail design. However they are some of the best places to implement your brand or theme colors of your company. For example, in a supermarket, you have a pleasant, earthy colored sign that says “produce” and under it are three lights. The sign with the lights seems pleasant enough but the light fixtures are white and strike a discordant note with the browns and greens of the produce sign. Simply changing the fixture color to a matching brown would add the needed continuity to the design. The style of your fixtures also tells a story. Rustic fixtures help convey the feeling of history and dependability while more modern fixtures can convey the feeling of efficiency and freshness. These are a few examples of how paying attention to the detail of your lighting sources will take your design theme from pleasing to beautiful.

– Donnie W.

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