Steelhead Lounge Remodel Manufature Phase

steelhead lounge INSHOP

Our unique approach to building a design concept provides an efficient in-house fabrication process. All of the architectural elements were pre-assembled in our facility so lighting, specialty finishes and the overall presentation were fine turned before being sent to the on-site location for installation. Some of the custom fabricated decor elements for the Steelhead Lounge remodel included in the package were the custom back bar display (shown above) with integrated multi-tiered signage and decorative columns and specialty EtchedMetal facing, entry decor feature with printed wall mural and dimensional signage, custom designed perimeter wall murals and coverings, seating area display with decorative EtchedMetal acrylic paneling, integrated lighting and specialty water projection system, decorative half wall, lighting fixtures throughout the space and integrated into the decor, and curved valances above seating area. Along with architectural coordination drawings and structural engineering for suspended decor elements, I-5 also agreed to expedite the on-site installation of the decor elements.

Stay tuned for more details on the expedited time frame and installation phase.

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