Beaufort Supermarket Design Project




Located in the historic city of Beaufort, SC, this proposed gourmet supermarket asked I-5 Design to create a supermarket design that captured the look and feel of an old-fashioned mercantile store, in keeping with the architectural style of many of the city’s buildings.

Design highlights

I-5 researched the layouts and designs of mercantile stores of old, then used that information to create a market that looked historic — but offered all the modern technology, innovation, and convenience of today’s supermarket designs. Features included:

• A store layout that borrowed from old-time general stores

• A freestanding central kiosk area with barrel vault ceiling

• A traditional soda counter with stools and other authentic elements

• Custom display shelves with built-up crown molding

• Traditional lettering and signage

• Brick and wood accents

• Mercantile-style barrels as both décor and functional display elements


Owners of the Beaufort Market were thrilled with I-5’s supermarket design, which provided both the historic charm and ambience they hoped for, as well as the modern practicality and functional advances of today’s supermarkets.

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