Tachi Palace Casino Design| Non-Smoking

tachi palace non smoking

Included in the design package for Tachi Palace Casino was the Non-Smoking Room. The approximately 1.500 square foot space was designed to create a fun and entertaining area that evokes the crisp, clean air and natural beauty of the tule marshes found throughout the region. Whether viewing the location from the interior or exterior, natural greens and browns work with accents of gold to create a high-quality gaming room for customers to enjoy. Custom chandeliers with an outer ’tule weave’ diffuser accent are placed in the space to add to the quality feel and elevate the experience for your non-smoking customers. Custom translucent window treatments are planned for both sides of the store front glass, which will create a ‘layering’ effect for the tule inspired artwork and create visual interest in for the space. A new custom carpet with swirling greens and gold is incorporated as well, creating visual interest as well adding to the “natural outdoor” design plan for a floor to ceiling transformation.


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