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The Great American Restaurant – Welcome to the Great American Restaurant, a tribute to the things that have made America great; from Coca-Cola, to backyard barbecues, to baseball games, to our favorite celebrities. We’re Americans; this is how we live and we’re proud of it. So sit back, have a good meal, and enjoy!

Building on the theme “What makes America Great”, this décor plan incorporates classic elements.  The patriotic signs, vintage prints and iconic photographs combined with modern flowing shapes create a look that is both timeless and contemporary. We created an exciting visual experience with warm wood finishes, stacked stone and aged brick highlighted with a dramatic custom lighting. Alluding to the highways that connect our individual states we designed curving soffit above the buffet line. The teardrop shaped skylights flow with the contours of the curving soffit and floods the trees and their surrounding area with light. Framed artwork of classic American people, places, and pop culture line the walls. We’ve given the “Good Times Soda Fountain” a classic diner look with a bar that serves both hard and soft drinks. Glossy metallic finishes; aged brick wall coverings, retro light fixtures, 50’s style furniture, LED flex-neon accent lighting, and hot rod artwork all work together to create the perfect soda fountain look and feel.

This restaurant design is a unique and fun place for casino goers and travelers to stop and eat.

Olivia Waters
I-5 Design
Designer Consultant

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