The Importance of Systems

Interior aisle signage

During a recent project, our production crew was scheduled to manufacture 115 custom aisle markers for several different grocery store locations across the country. To accomplish this in the most time efficient manner, the project manager and production foremen created a step-by-step process that was simple and easy for the crew to follow. By developing an assembly line system, each member of the team was able to concentrate on a specific task; preparing their part and repeating the necessary steps exactly the same way each time, thereby maximizing efficiency without compromising quality. As the production managers and shop foremen develop and oversee these systems, individual members of the team also have the authority to suggest improvements to the system or stop the assembly line if they see a problem. Following these steps correctly ensures that every location is provided with the same high quality product every time, and that there is no deviation from the uniform design of each store.

Jim H.
I-5 Design
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