The Rock Restaurant

Photos of the Rock Restaurant

For the interior and exterior decor of the Rock, our design team created a design based on adjectives given by the client. The challenge for this project was to create a look for the exterior, as well as for the interior, that used elements from the 60’s-70’s rock and roll time-period and combined it with a microbrewery wood fired pizza theme. The Rock was greatly upgraded with internally illuminated wall signs and interior signage. For the façade, we created a unique and retro look by using components such as corrugated metal sheeting behind the bulky channel letters, large wooden trusses supporting the structure, and a rustic metal overhang suspended by chains. Whatever kind of venue you may have, or design style that you want to create, I-5 Design and Manufacture can help you to create the perfect look and feel for your location.

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I-5 Design
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