Unique Design – Again and again

With so many interpretations as to what makes a quality, theme-based, design for a retail project, what is the true key? What makes a unique, yet well-planned design which creates an environment that is right for the customer-base at a particular location? Here are 5 of several key factors which come in to play.

1. Does the client want to create a comfortable atmosphere using a regional theme common to the area or its population, or does the client want a destination or retail environment that is different than most or all of the other retail business in the area?

2.¬†How visible is the location from any major streets or traffic patterns, and can a plan be created which causes the location to “jump” out from the crowd and maximize impact for all vehicular and pedestrian traffic?

3. Certain color palettes or combinations of decor elements create what different client bases would understand as “comfortable” or, “inviting”. What is the predominant customer base and what elements will create the right atmosphere for them?

4. Is there a greater emphasis on creating a “wow” for the atmosphere to attract customers and create revenue, or is a more efficient plan more important?

5. Is there an architectural element or iconic feature that can be created outside the building including programable color-changing lighting that will help to keep the location interesting and memorable? This can allow for seasonal and other marketing programs that will keep impact and interest for the business making it a destination for the area.

Each project we work on is unique, but these and other questions shape the ideas which go into creating a design plan. Although the needs of the customers may be different, our goal remains the same; create a memorable environment which generates excellent return on investment for our customers.

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