Your Dining Experience

One of the most powerful trends in restaurant design is driven by the age and desires of target markets. Baby boomers may seek relaxed, quiet dining environments or restaurants that pursue nostalgia themes. Locals, or those who aspire to be, can choose from eateries that project homey comfort, intimacy and a sense of community. For GenXers and Millenials, dining out means good food that shares the stage with entertainment, bold design, visuals and interaction. Restaurants that deliver a memorable dining experience are designed to enhance flow – that seamless integration of space, interior materials, accessories lighting, seating and signage that works in much the same way a theater stages a play. The trick is to effectively balance efficient delivery of service by staff, with the flow of customers as they interact with architectural design and décor elements and each other. Whether the dining area is a large open room, or is designed to create many smaller, more intimate spaces, adequate table spacing, efficient traffic patterns and appropriate lighting keep the diner focused on a positive dining experience.

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