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Custom projects need custom solutions 

For each project that I-5 delivers, thousands of small decisions are made which all work together to complete a finished project. From paint finishes to custom decorative elements, and large structures, each element is meticulously crafted based on the overall design plan. The I-5 team of craftsmen builds up to 70% of a project offsite, which allows fine details to be adjusted in a quality-controlled environment. Our design teams meet daily with our off-site construction teams to ensure the design intent for each element is being correctly carried out. Additionally, our off-site construction teams bring ideas to these interactions with the goal of producing the best visual impact possible. This collaboration results in finished projects that look incredible, and also stand up to the wear and tear of the casino environment.  

“What you did for us is gorgeous."

"Every day I come to work it just gives me a smile. The atmosphere is warm and inviting and is just fantastic! What’s amazing is, three years later it looks just as good as the day it was done!”

Earl Moyer, Operations Manager
Comanche Nation Casino, Lawton, Oklahoma

Elements of Design

Architectural Columns

As an integral part of many customer environments, columns have the distinct ability to provide both an anchoring architectural effect as well as significant visual impact.

I-5 is well-versed in the full spectrum of architectural column designs for both interior and exterior applications. From cylindrical to tapered to rectangular and more, our designers carefully consider which style is best suited to each venue. These light-weight design components, can be wrapped it in rich wood veneer, brick, river rock or stone and our specialty EtchedMetal, which are all available in a variety of tones and patterns for your specific design.

Like all I-5 décor elements, our column concepts often integrate other features as well, including sconces, custom lighting, and artistic embellishments or inserts that support the overall design theme. If such elements are appropriate for your venue’s design plan, rest assured that I-5’s creativity, resources and expertise will combine to create a uniquely impressive statement with architectural columns.


Custom chandeliers are a hallmark of I-5’s innovative approach to theming and décor design. With years of research, we have identified top-quality, specialty materials that set our fixtures apart while making them distinctly suited to the venue and theme for which they are designed.

Whether you are looking for soothing warm ambience or dynamic accent lighting design, the proprietary I-5 UltraBrite lighting system can be programmed to achieve any mood. Each chandelier displays intensely saturated, controllable light, whether for interior or exterior applications. Specialized diffusion panels are also employed; , fabricated in many colors and textures. These diffusers add rich dimension and character to lighting fixtures.

Our themed chandeliers can also incorporate silhouette designs. From Southwestern patterns and shapes, to tribal logos or rustic outdoor elements, we incorporate the venue’s specific theme into each of its chandeliers. Each component is hand- crafted, providing a signature focal point unlike any other.

For truly dramatic effect, we can create chandeliers that offer a theatrical presentation, programmed to show large-scale video with enhanced color precision for professional entertainment environments.

Flooring Elements

I-5 designs custom carpet and flooring materials for each venue as part of the overall renovation. Our design team borrows from the overall design theme and creates a unique pattern that pulls together all the specialty colors and established the new design theme. As an example, Duck Creek Casino was designed with a creekside design theme, combining colors from a mallard duck and the elements you would see in a riverbed. The carpet has a base color of mallard green with winding river ribbons in golden orange and blue tones completing the casino design.

These custom carpets are manufactured and install in module tiles. This is especially beneficial after the renovation when certain areas need replaced. The carpet tiles keep the facility from having to close down the entire gaming floor and replace all of the carpet. Designed specifically for high-traffic areas, the unique custom carpet designs has a long life span and are very durable.

Each decor element supports the overall design theme and utilizes the specialty color pallets created by I-5 Design.

Half Wall Elements

Favored because they require no structural building changes, half walls can define entirely new areas within a larger setting or serve as a room divider, creating intimate areas within the space. Supporting the overall design theme, I-5 provides customized half walls for any retail venue. Incorporating illuminated torchieres, decorative caps, screen walls and wall coverings, these versatile environmental elements offer many options.

Space-defining features like these are often an especially effective way to reinforce the overall theme of an environment, without the involved renovation required for major structural changes. Whether we are adding to an existing framework, or creating a new addition, I-5 ensures that half walls are used to their best advantage, creating layouts and plans that flow seamlessly.


Visual communication is the lifeblood of your operation. I-5 understands that great signage must be as functional as it is captivating. For over 25 years, we have been honing the art of successful venue identification, from breathtaking exterior marquees, to directional interior way-making. In creating each client’s overall décor design, I-5 integrates signage as a coordinating and complementary element of the total package.

The heart of successful signage lies in skilled material selection, distinctive lettering, proper size and scaling. We know exactly how to use each material to its best advantage, creating one-of-a-kind messaging designs that demand attention and delight the eye. To ensure top quality and design intent are carried through production, your custom signage is precision-crafted in our own state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

Equally essential is your master lighting design, carefully conceived by I-5 to showcase your signage in all types of ambient conditions, while optimizing energy efficiency.

I-5 expertly blends sign design, materials, scale and lighting to deliver memorable signage that defines and distinguishes your property.

Valance & Ceiling Elements

As an important design feature in many venues, valances add engaging visual interest to an otherwise empty ceiling space, often highlighting a showpiece element in the center of the room. Used to enclose gaming floor areas and help make the space feel more intimate and friendly, this custom ceiling element can conceal I-5’s proprietary UltraBrite lighting system, which provides intensely saturated, controllable light.

Like all of I-5’s décor elements, valances are designed to support the venue’s overall design theme—whether that be a natural organic scheme with a valance that winds like a river, or a more modern theme incorporating a geometric shape. Our designers carefully consider the specifics of each environment, and then, together with I-5’s production and implementation teams, create the unique valance solutions that best enhance the property’s overarching design and theme.

Wall Coverings & Murals

Unique and memorable, I-5’s décor for walls is an important component of the design and implementation approach.

Taking ordinary to extraordinary, our creative team crafts original pictorial design expressions; we also provide noteworthy artwork or photography. Whatever the visual style, wall murals are a great way to add graphic impact to any space. Printed using a high-resolution, 6-color ink process on fire-resistant, commercial-grade material, these murals are designed to stand the test of time.

With an extensive array of wall covering options, we provide solutions for endless applications and design schemes. Depending on the décor treatment, design schemes may feature crisp, clear hues; an abundance of soothing neutrals; mellow, mild tones or deep, dramatic accent colors. Rich, beautiful patterns range from mild-mannered, casual or simple—to elegant and sophisticated. I-5 provides a world of options to fit any project’s comprehensive design theme.

“The remodel looks outstanding...

and the feedback I’m receiving is tremendous. I’ve opened several properties and have never seen a crew like yours. They have made the remodel a performance and an excellent experience for employees and for our guests.”

 Pam Gallegos
Isleta Casino, Albuquerque, New Mexico

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