Augustine Casino

As a popular local destination, Augustine knew they needed a comprehensive renovation for their aging property that would engage their customer base and increase loyalty. In addition, they wanted the project to be completed within 4 weeks. The I-5 team designed a concept to completion plan that accomplished both the aesthetic and the timeframe goals for the property, which is generating excellent returns for the Tribe and its members.


Location: Coachella, California
Duration: 3-1/2 Weeks
Project Size: 17,500 sf
Services: Comprehensive Remodel

Our Approach


Design & Planning

Given the extremly tight construction schedule, the design team created a plan that would provide the ambiance the casino wanted for their customers, while being able to construct the majority of the project offsite. The conceptual design and architectural teams worked closely from the beginning on this project to ensure all of the details were correct and contingency plans had been put in place so the onsite project could happen over the 4 week schedule.  


The conceptual design plan included rendered views of the major customer areas, including the main Porte Cochere entrance, gaming floor, table games area, both existing bar areas and the public restrooms; new custom carpet design for the Cafe 54 restaurant to tie in with and enhance the existing restaurant decor.

Build & Install

In order to achieve the highly expedited installation, our teams looked at alternate ways to get the work done, with better quality and efficiency than typical construction processes. Elements from ceilign decor to casework for the bars and even select wall surfaces were built offsite in our quality controlled facility allowing these items to arrive onsite and be installed, rather that take the time to build these onsite. This saved weeks of work and allowed time for fine tuning of the finishes and lighting details, providing further time savings onsite.     


In order to create a 4 week construction schedule for the casino, I-5 teams performed preliminary work at the exterior and for select interior areas prior to the start of the main gaming floor remodel. The Casino made the choice to close the gaming floor for 4 weeks so that the extremely efficient transformation could take place. 

The onsite construction at Augustine Casino began with I-5 teams following right behind the casino's slot department demoing the flooring and finishes as the casino removed machines from the gaming floor. Our project teams had established an hour by hour schedule and digital plans that were accessed digitally by all I-5 and subtrade teams. The project could not have been completed ontime without this high level of communication throughout the project. While there were elements of the demo and construction of the project that did not go as planned, these were overcome by hour by hour communication to keep everything moving forward. 

Finished Product

As each of the teams continued to communicate, the project schedule actually accelerated through to the finish. This allowed the casino to re-open in just 3-1/2 weeks with excellent quality throughout each of the renovated areas. To acheive this result, tight daily collaboration occurs between, design, construction and the casino teams in order to create the right plan, where everyone contributes in their role. Augustine Casino and the Tribe have reported some of the best financial results in the properties history following this renovation project. 

“Working with the I-5 team in each aspect of designing, planning, and completing our remodel project has left me thoroughly impressed."

Jef Bauer, Augustine Casino

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