Bayview Market

Bayview's owner wanted to upgrade the market's older exterior with something dramatic to attract more customers and reflect the boutique shopping experience provided for guests. A new exterior tower was designed for the main entrance providing an iconic landmark. Inside the store, a concept theme was developed to create a high-quality shopping experience. In order to apply the owner's budget in the most cost-effective way, solutions were created that allowed the existing structure of the building to be utilized in the best ways, with minimal onsite construction. 

Bayview Market’s owners were surprised and delighted to learn how dramatically their property’s image and appearance could be improved without the cost and headache of major construction.


Location: Olympia, Washington

Duration: 4 Weeks

Project Size: 12,000 sf

Services: Conceptual Design & Signage

Our Approach

Design & Plan

By working with the existing structure and framing, I-5 was able to demonstrate to the client that they could significantly enhance the market's appearance and achieve a high-impact, upscale look— all with minimal construction. With the new supermarket design and signage plan, I-5 helped to emphasize the store's focus on environmentally friendly products and organic and natural foods, as well as creating a pleasant, streamlined shopping experience for each customer.

The new exterior tower was designed with specialty copper sheeting as a backdrop for open-faced, halo-lit neon channel letters, which added impressive visibility. A comprehensive interior upgrade transformed the feel of the shopping environment without the need for a major remodeling of the structure. Newly designed department signs, aisle markers, and check stand lanes complement the overall interior theme. 

Finished Project

The project included themed décor design, manufacturing, and implementation. All elements were designed and fabricated in-house by I-5 using our state-of-the-art facilities, and the entire installation was completed by I-5's implementation team.

Bayview Market’s owners were delighted and surprised to learn how drastically their property’s image and appearance could be improved without major construction. After the renovation, shopping traffic rose notably.

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