Bear River Casino

An all-new gaming floor renovation was planned to be completed for the Casino's 10th-anniversary celebration. A comprehensive upgrade was planned for the main casino floor, the hotel lobby, and entrance to the property. The new design incorporated the latest lighting technology to give the property a "Las Vegas" atmosphere and an all-new HVAC system eliminated smoke from the gaming floor, creating a higher-quality destination for the region. 


Location: Loleta, California

Duration: 7 Weeks

Project Size: 15,000 sf

Services: Design Build Remodel

Our Approach

Plan & Design

I-5 Design started by going on-site with digital 3D scanning equipment. The information gathered with the scan allowed the design team to create a highly accurate 3D model. I-5 worked with the Casino & Tribal Management to create the exact look and atmosphere they were looking for.


I-5 also incorporated a unique column shroud system that looked great while disguising a new HVAC system that was also integrated into the property. 

Build & Install

Preparing for the on-site renovation began with manufacturing and pre-assembling the specialty decor items in I-5’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. With a digital 3D scan of the property, each element of the casino design was fabricated directly from the digital design files to ensure a perfect fit in the existing space. The architectural elements were also pre-assembled in our facility where the integration of programmable LED lighting and custom finishes, specialty finishes, and the overall presentation were fine-tuned before shipping and arriving on-site. This allowed for a very smooth and efficient implementation and maximized the visual impact of the renovation.


I-5 created a phased implementation plan that produced the least amount of downtime and interruption to daily casino operations. It also made sure the project was installed before the promised completion date with plenty of time to spare for 10th-anniversary preparations.

Finished Project

The entire four-phase on-site renovation project took just 7 weeks, with very little downtime to casino operations, and was completed with enough time for the Casino management to prepare for other aspects needed for the 10th Anniversary Celebration.

All the onsite work was clearly partitioned off and closely regulated to ensure the best presentation for the property and safety for guests throughout the project. I-5 treats the on-site install as a performance that allows for the Casino to market the renovation and build anticipation for the staff and guests. Bear River Casino now has a clean air atmosphere and a high-quality, comfortable environment that creates a destination for the region.

“What really sets I-5 Design Build apart is how accommodating they are to changes and how quickly they implement them. Our property really looks outstanding, a class ahead of our competition."

John McGinnis, General Manager


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