Cimarron Casino

Perkins Oklahoma

Project Objectives

Cimarron Casino needed to add a 15,000 sf. expansion to their property, as well as renovate their existing 12,000 sf gaming floor. The goal for their project was to create a warm and inviting, yet exciting, entertainment destination for the region.

Casino Design - Cimarron Casino gaming floor design by I-5 Design.

Design & Planning

The Cimarron Casino design fused a warm earthy color palette of golden amber, sage green hues, and red accents, with culturally significant tribal elements which include the Iowa Tribe patterning.

Upon entering, the Eagles Nest Café is elevated from the gaming floor, emanating a warm glow with three levels of amber lighting. Suspended from the ceiling, the custom pendant lighting is designed with a unique feather pattern, which is used historically in beaded moccasins and the theme of the Eagle, drawing from the Iowa tribe’s Grey Snow Eagle House, where the tribe protects and rehabilitates wounded eagles from around the country. As the sage green lighting surrounds the entire casino perimeter, it accents the tribal mural band just below and draws your attention to the elegant three-tiered custom chandeliers illuminating the gaming floor. On either side of the cashier area, rock columns encase illuminated features, emphasizing the tribal symbol and continuing the theme. The internal lighting of the signage and multi-layered valance around the gaming floor provide a complementary warm glow to soften the ambience of the space. Amber and red tones throughout the entire décor package highlight organic shapes and the custom designed carpet, which is reminiscent of feathers, tying all the design elements together.

Build & Install

All of the décor elements were manufactured in-house and ready for installation in 8 weeks time.

The specialty décor elements for the expansion and remodel at Cimarron Casino were created using a multi-disciplined, streamlined process. Utilizing 3D design platforms ensured that each element of the casino design plan was created to fit the building envelope and utilize the existing structure in the best way possible. The design, fabrication, and implementation teams worked from the same digital design files, which ensured that the integrity and impact of the casino design plan was carried through to the completed project.

The in-house fabrication, provided by I-5, also allowed for the integration of LED lighting and specialty applied finishes. The custom chandeliers and illuminated valances were pre-assembled, tested, and fine-tuned to achieve the maximum impact and create a welcoming and exciting gaming environment. The installation of the décor was phased, in order to minimize the project’s impact to gaming operations and customers.

Casino Design - Manufacture of the chandeliers for Cimarron Casino by I-5 Design.
Casino Design - Cimarron Casino, new gaming floor by I-5 Design.

Finished Project

I-5’s casino design decor items were installed on-site in 6 weeks.

During the build phase I-5’s on-site team was very involved making all of the necessary infrastructure adjustments and build out work to prepare for the on-site installation. With detailed planning and collaboration the installation of the casino design and expansion elements was seamlessly executed. I-5’s teams worked through the nights to ensure the remodeled areas had very little downtime for casino operations and that the expansion was ready for the new Grand Opening.