Clearwater Casino | Beach Rock Lounge

Suquamish, Washington

Project Objectives

Clearwater Casino wanted to turn the Beach Rock Lounge into a new, rejuvenated destination, drawing inspiration from Coast Salish art. Sleek and modern finishes combined with color changing LED capabilities make this a fascinating area for guests to enjoy while being entertained by sports and live entertainment.

casino lounge - beach rock lounge design by I-5 design.

Design & Planning

I-5 provided schematic and conceptual d├ęcor design drawings and assisted in project budgeting and best implementation schedule to achieve the most successful project with minimal impact on operations.

The I-5 project superintendent and architects met with the owner and their project team to help determine the project scope, requirements, and overall decor and theming direction. The strong floor to ceiling centerpiece reflects the culture, borrowing shapes commonly used within Salish art, creating a focal point for the lounge while providing separation between the bar and the dance floor. Following the overall theme, the original carpet design is a unique pattern that continues throughout the rest of the Casino. Beautiful and unique use of programmable light was utilized throughout the lounge, adding visual interest and dimension to the overall project.

I-5 refined the schematic designs and theming concepts to ensure that the overall space planning and functionality achieved the desired goals of the owner and that the new construction created the right overall atmosphere and visual impact.

Build & Install

Being a 9,000 sq.ft. new construction at Clearwater Casino, I-5 not only designed the space but also created the architectural and construction drawings as well as provided the structural engineering.

Upon approval of the design development documents, I-5 moved forward with the composition of the detailed drawings for the construction phase of the project, working closely with the construction team to create real-time solutions allowing the on-site work to move forward efficiently, maximizing the impact of the investment for the casino and tribe.

casino lounge - beach rock lounge being built.
casino lounge - beach rock lounge completed.

Finished Project

The new Beach Rock Lounge truly captures the essence of I-5's design plan and features the Coast Salish inspiration.

During the construction of the new lounge, I-5 assisted the contractor in construction of the project as specified in the construction documents approved by the owner. I-5’s construction administrator was available to answer questions that arose on-site with regards to the project design as well as created architectural sketches for additional clarification as needed to finish the project properly. The new sleek, modern lounge created another unique destination for the Clearwater Casino property.