Comanche Nation Casino

Lawton, Oklahoma

Project Objectives

Provide a design through implementation, turn-key renovation which updated both the exterior and interior of the 50,000sf gaming property. A new design plan was created in order to produce a warm and inviting environment for casino guests, and the entire project was planned and executed to ensure minimal downtime or interruption to the gaming operations.

Casino Design - Design of the exterior of Comanche Nation Casino.

Design & Planning

I-5 Design drew inspiration from the surrounding countryside as well as tribal heritage to create an indian casino design. The end result was a modern spin on Native American architecture and combining it with a Southwestern flair, welcoming customers, and telling the tribes' story.

A complete exterior casino design remodel, including two new entrances that incorporates immense stone pillars and dramatic, programmable lighting accents alongside the building.

A multi-tiered valance envelopes the gaming floor and is distinctive for its unique profile and carefully chosen wood and metal accents. The deep purple, high-gloss finish, specialty beaten copper metal accents, and stained cherry wood veneer create a handsome, colorful combination. The valance’s third tier is illuminated with integrated LED cove lighting that is concealed in the valance and casts a changing spectrum of intense color onto the soffit above

Custom wall murals honoring Comanche heritage and culture

Dramatic cliff stone columns topped with blazing chandeliers

Custom chandeliers, featuring beaten copper accents and stained cherry wood finishes

Build & Install

I-5 completed the implementation from start to finish in just 4 months with no significant downtime to the casino.

Throughout the entire project, I-5’s design, manufacturing and installation teams worked closely together to pre-fabricate the decor elements. This included custom chandeliers, perimeter valances with fully programmable color changing accent lighting, entire bar overhang, complete signage package, etc. to enable a streamlined and efficient installation. All of this allowed the casino to stay open and generate revenue throughout the transformation.

Casino Design - Installation of the Port Cochere at Comanche Nation Casino.
Casino Design - Newly renovated Poker Room at Comanche Nation Casino.

Finished Project

To accommodate the casino's schedule, I-5 managed the entire changeover from concept to completion.

Each individual areas was transformed in weeks instead of months onsite. For example, the entire bar area transformation, a key feature of the property, was transformed in only 2 weeks onsite.  Casino Management reported an immediate 18% increase in revenues.

“What you did for us is gorgeous. Every day I come to work it just gives me a smile. It’s warm and inviting and the atmosphere is just fantastic. What’s amazing is, three years later it looks just as good as the day it was done!”

Earl Moyer, Operations Manager