Fond-Du-Luth Casino

Project Objectives

Fond Du Luth Casino worked with I-5 Design to address both their operational needs, while delivering a major visual impact inside and outside. The existing building was an 86 year-old, 3-story building, constructed by Sears-Roebuck in 1929. In 1986, the Fond du Lac Tribe reopened the building as Fond du Luth Casino.

Casino Design - Fond Du Luth gaming floor design by I-5 Design.

Design & Planning

I-5 created and provided Fond Du Luth with multiple design options, showing different color pallets presenting diverse opportunities for them.

The project included changing the 1st story gaming floor to a non-smoking floor, while the 2nd story would accommodate smoking. Each floor received its own completely fresh, new look, along with layout changes to create better flow, and a much more comfortable, exciting, and enjoyable gaming experience. The unique ceiling elements above the columns integrate a programmable color changing LED lighting system, which gave Fond Du Luth endless options for their presentation. The new design also included an improved slot layout for each floor to give a total of 730 machines, while providing a more comfortable layout and a standard spacing.

The new exterior design used a color changing LED system for a dynamic, eye-catching presentation with virtually unlimited color options, which can be programmed for special events, holidays and game days.  

Build & Install

I-5 created a plan to expedite the construction time frame to be a total of 5 months.

Included in this 5 months was the pre-construction planning and the offsite decor manufacture. As the initial conceptual designs were being established, a team was assigned to the project, consisting of a specialist from the design, architectural, decor engineer, on-site renovation/installation departments. They were responsible for the initiation and execution of the planning, and ultimately outcome of the final project. The manufacturing and pre-assembly of all the specialty decor and theming elements happened in our state-of-the-art-facility. Each element of the design was fabricated directly from the digital design files through use of precision computerized equipment to ensure absolute integrity and the highest degree of finish quality.

Finished Project

I-5 separated the on-site renovation by doing one floor at a time allowing the casino to remain open for operations during the remodel.

“The grand opening went well and we are getting so much positive feedback on the décor and layout from our guests! I-5’s dedication and hard work on this project has been greatly appreciated. We are all so truly pleased with everything.  Awesome working with you and your team!”

Michelle Reynolds, Assistant Casino Manager