Cherokee Fort Gibson Casino

Fort Gibson, Oklahoma

Project Objectives

For Cherokee Nation's new casino, the tribe wanted to draw inspiration from the local historic landmark, Fort Gibson, while integrating modern lighting and themed elements to produce an exciting destination draw for the area.

Casino Design - Fort Gibson Casino, design of the gaming floor.

Design & Planning

The new casino design theme for Fort Gibson draws inspiration from both the tribe and the historic fort, which is located nearby and is a regional landmark.

Working in conjunction with the tribe’s architect, I-5 began creating an overall theme direction for the new property which would create a memorable entertainment destination, while also paying tribute to its significance in American history. The new casino design featured a large overhead ceiling beam array with integrated color-changing, programmable, LED lighting to create a central focal point for the entire property. Radiating outward from the bar and stage area, the large wood-clad beam elements provide a soft glow of constantly changing colors.

The entry area features a large wood beam canopy structure reminiscent of the old fort to provide an impressive entrance to the property. Large five-sided custom chandeliers, specialty wall murals, cultured stone, and specialty finishes all work together to create a warm and inviting environment for guests. The café and bar area features a serpentine half wall with a translucent decorative cap element to offer a space for guests to take a break while allowing them to still enjoy the action of the casino.

Build & Install

Guaranteeing the highest quality and complete integrity of the new casino design, all of the custom designed decor elements were fabricated in-house by I-5 and shipped to the property in Fort Gibson, Oklahoma.

I-5’s comprehensive fabrication process closely follows the theming design drawings to provide the highest level of accuracy throughout the process. All of the décor elements are manufactured and pre-assembled using cutting-edge computerized equipment to ensure exact alignment with the design intent as well as precision measurements to create seamless on-site implementations.

Components of the decor elements were then installed on-site as substantial construction of the building was being completed. For the installation, I-5 coordinated with the other trades so the finished specialty décor for each area could be installed in a pre-planned sequence, eliminating the typical delays of specialty construction. Close coordination of I-5’s innovative décor solutions with the owner and project architect, as well as on-site implementation planning with the project building team, allowed for a streamlined installation on-site that was completed in less than 10 days.

Casino Design - Fort Gibson Casino, manufacture of the new design elements.
Casino Design - Fort Gibson Casino, new restaurant and bar.

Finished Project

The Fort Gibson Casino project has exceeded expectations of the Cherokee Tribe in both the overall quality of the finished project and revenues that have been created.

The new Cherokee Casino at Fort Gibson has been a resounding success, generating excellent revenues for the tribe, and has transformed it into a regional destination. From the initial renderings of the interior décor, through off-site fabrication, to final installation and completion on-site, each detail was planned and executed to create the best visual impact for the property in the most efficient timeframe possible.

During the installation phase of the project, I-5 personnel worked around-the-clock so the original implementation schedule could be kept without impacting the final projects. The installation of all of the specialty décor was completed for the location in just 5 days onsite. By creating a scenario for the customer where the finished decor elements could be installed without a punch list, the new casino property was able to save valuable time ahead of the opening.