Gold Country Casino | Gold Bar

Project Objectives

The management team at Gold Country Casino understood that they needed to infuse more energy into the gaming floor at their property. An all-new gaming bar was planned for an underutilized area of the gaming floor which would add to the appeal and excitement of their property. Bartop slot machines and a dynamic video wall behind the bar created a unique destination on the gaming floor while keeping customers in the center of the action.

Design & Planning

A warm, earth-toned color palette was inspired by the surrounding Northern California geography. The Gold Bar design centers around two LED media screens positioned behind the bar that play custom content designed for this specific venue. Bartop slot machines and several TV’s create an ideal place to watch a sporting event while gaming and enjoying a beverage. The three-tiered structure hanging above the bar, as well as the warm tile flooring, sets the venue apart from the rest of the gaming floor while still positively affecting the entire gaming floor environment.

Build & Install

Recapturing underutilized space, the work area was located behind full-height construction walls. In order to minimize the impact to the gaming floor, power and data locations were planned into the base of the walls, which allowed 40 additional slot machines to stay on the gaming floor and continue to generate revenues throughout the project. The remainder of the gaming floor was open and active during the project, protecting revenues and creating anticipation of the coming venue. The onsite implementation included bringing in fully assembled casework and overhead decor structures, which reduced the onsite implementation schedule by 2 weeks. 

Finished Project

The Gold Bar venue has added a new amenity which has had a positive impact on the entire gaming floor and has created a greater draw to the casino. As-built drawings and documents for the digital elements of the project were given to the casino facility to ensure they have all the information necessary for successful operations. The Tribe and Management team are both very happy with the results the new venue is creating for the property.