One Fire Casino

Okmulgee, Oklahoma

Project Objectives

The One Fire Casino was originally designed as a bingo hall and had remained virtually unchanged since opening in 1987. I-5 was brought in to design and implement an interior and exterior renovation of the 10,000sf location, while allowing the casino to remain open and operational throughout the project.

Casino Design - One Fire Casino exterior Port Cochere design.

Design & Planning

I-5 created a design plan for the location and developed a unique identity for the property that was deeply rooted in the Tribe's culture and heritage.

The tribal design motif establishes a unified theme across the exterior and interior décor and is incorporated throughout the property. Three large flame elements are suspended from the ceiling and float above the gaming floor to create a memorable focal point within the space.

The dominant tribal flame sculpture at the center of the gaming floor was inspired by an original piece located at the Creek Tribal headquarters and helps to emphasize the identity of the tribe within the casino.

The winding soffits that surround the gaming floor are designed with fully programmable color-changing LED lighting, which allows the interior of the property to be utilized to help reinforce marketing and special events within the location.

Custom amber mica chandeliers, crafted with old-world ironwork and silhouetted symbols illuminate the space with warm lighting and represent individual Creek Nation Clans and their heritage.

Build & Install

The entire project, including the installation of a new raised access floor, extensive changes to the aging mechanical and electrical systems, as well as installation of all of the custom décor, was completed 2 weeks ahead of a very aggressive on-site schedule.

In order to keep the project on track, fabrication and pre-assembly of the exterior and interior décor was performed off-site at the I-5 production facility. I-5 captured precise site information and integrated it into a 3D base model to ensure rendering views and specification drawings maintained the casino design intent throughout each phase of the project. This process also allowed for the streamlined manufacture of the décor elements and by utilizing the same digital information to run computer controlled equipment, I-5 was able to create finished décor that looked better in real life than the décor renderings. Completed décor elements were pre-assembled off-site to ensure that the onsite installation would be extremely efficient.  The lighting/finish details were also calibrated off-site for maximum visual impact.

As the décor arrived on-site in phases, I-5’s on-site installation team communicated daily with the team at the casino and the I-5 project and design teams. Because of this, each phase of the installation was expedited without impacting the quality of the finished environment and allowed the casino to remain operational during the remodel. As each completed phase opened, customers and staff were excited about the new décor theme that had been created and revenues increased for the property during the project.

Casino Design - One Fire Casino exterior Port Cochere installation.
Casino Design - One Fire Casino new gaming floor.

Finished Project

The entire interior and exterior renovation was completed 2 1/2 weeks ahead of the aggressive project schedule and once the first phase opened to the public, revenues rose 35% immediately.

In addition to the interior renovation, the exterior of the casino was completely remodeled in just 10 days. During the renovation of the exterior portion the casino entry never closed and customers watched with excitement as the décor elements were lowered and secured into place and building lighting and signage illuminated to complete the new facade. Many customers returned daily to observe the progress as the existing metal building transformed into an exciting entertainment destination for the region. It stands as a credit to the history and culture of the tribe.

“I couldn’t be happier with the finished results, and the way the entire project was taken care of. The casino decor designs were absolutely beautiful, the planning was extremely well thought through, and the communication during the project exceeded my expectations. The implementation of the casino design was so efficient that our doors never closed and revenues never went down, and in fact went up immediately. Both we and our customers are extremely happy with the results.” – Travis Thompson, General Manager