Paradise Casino

Project Objectives

Paradise was originally built in the late 1990s to serve the western Arizona regional market. After years of operations, the Tribe wanted to create a dramatic refresh to the property in order to better serve it’s gaming clientele. The new comprehensive, floor-to-ceiling upgrade was designed to transform the entire gaming floor into an "Underwater Paradise".

Design & Planning

The upgrade featured a cyclone-shaped, curved ceiling structure with integrated color-changing LED lighting to provide an ever-changing array of color palettes and moods. Digital LED media screens were integrated into the upper portions of key walls to accentuate the visual theater of the gaming floor. 

A new “Reef Bar” featured an integrated curving LED screen that was designed to create a digital “Fish Tank” visual experience, offset by colorful coral bottle displays and integrated TV screens. The existing restaurant was re-branded into a comfortable oasis called ‘The Cove’. The “Islands” inspired theme integrated warm wood finishes, a soft color palette, and unique accent lighting to produce an inviting dining space with an easy-going, relaxed ambiance.

Build & Install

All of the specialty elements for the interior were pre-constructed and installed in phases in order to maximize the number of games online throughout construction. The color-changing lighting and various video options provided flexibility to display holiday programs, jackpot winner announcements, water-themed content, and an Arizona sunset.

Finished Project

The entire remodel took place in under 12 weeks onsite, including all gaming areas, a restaurant and lounge, a bingo space, and a new gaming floor bar. The project has generated exceptional returns, both during and after the project.