Feast Buffet

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Project Objectives

Santa Ana Star Casino's "Feast Buffet" had become outdated and lost its appeal as a destination for casino guests, requiring a transformation which would infuse a new modern Pueblo style to provide an additional draw for the property.

Restaurant Design - Feast Buffet at Santa Ana Star Casino, new buffet design.

Design & Planning

I-5 Design's theme for the Feast Buffet was inspired by the beautiful cottonwood bosque growing alongside the banks of the nearby Rio Grande River. This woodsy riverside motif was expressed in fresh, modern forms throughout the casino restaurant.

Branch-inspired design patterns—from the custom carpet design to the decorative screens to the angled “branches” that serve as a graceful room divider between seating areas, the entire space was designed to reflect the beautiful natural surroundings found near the casino. A majestic, artistically sculpted cottonwood tree at the center of the buffet with its golden foliage spreading out to create an intimate seating area. A curving soffit with blue LED cove lighting winds its way around the perimeter of the dining area, like a gracefully flowing river, wood beams cross the ceiling and are supported by large rock pillars with punched copper sconces, and booth dividers mimic the branch-like motif found in the carpet, creating a unified flow throughout the space. Finishing the look, mica ceiling lights set in medallions of latillas and matching mica pendant lights cast warm light onto dining tables along the outer wall.

Build & Install

With a detailed installation plan, I-5’s on-site manager oversaw the implementation of the casino décor design by the installation team.

Working with I-5 Design created a head-ache free project for Santa Ana Star Casino. Serving as the designer and general contractor, I-5 created solutions that considered every aspect of the project allowing each phase to transition smoothly and be executed with ease. I-5’s designs are custom, and the elements created are fashioned for each specific venue, so it served the casino best to have our fabrication team move the project forward. All the decor elements were pre-fabricated in-house and shipped on-site to I-5’s on-site installation manager.

The end product was a contemporary casino restaurant design that incorporated classic elements similar to the surrounding terrain. The Santa Ana Star Casino had a new Buffet area that gave patrons and guests a warm get-a-way from the gaming floor.

Restaurant Design - Feast Buffet at Santa Ana Star Casino, manufacture of design elements.
Restaurant Design - Feast Buffet at Santa Ana Star Casino, new buffet line and dining area.

Finished Project

I-5's in-house resources ensured everything from design to fabrication to installation was completed by the I-5 team. Design intent was preserved throughout all phases of the project, and implementation was seamless and expedited.

I-5’s design created an easy flow throughout, leading people to the buffet line and then to a variety of seating areas, including intimate spaces in which to enjoy a more private meal.

“We are very pleased with the outcome and impressed by the speed in which I-5 Design coordinated our work. I find their methods most effective for high quality, fast paced renovation work and specifically noted their expertise and proficiency in the manufacturing and installation.”  – John Cirrincione , General Manager