Soboba Casino

San Jacinto, California

Project Objectives

Soboba Casino wanted to completely upgrade their dated and uninviting sprung structure, a permanent tent facility, into a warm, welcoming, lodge-style casino which would help re-establish the property as a regional destination.

Casino Design - Soboba Casino club entrance design.

Design & Planning

Soboba's existing structure had very little ambience or character. The interior's warehouse-height, industrial-style ceiling with exposed mechanical ductwork was completely transformed to feature a custom wood beam ceiling, along with regionally inspired color palettes and murals.

An embellished porte cochère remodel of the outside entrance, added sophistication and created the sense of entering a high-end lodge. Suspended wood beam ceilings, which brought the overhead space to an appropriately dramatic height, were an integral part of the overall design plan.

A freestanding timber and iron design structure, leading guests from the entry to the cashier, also broke up the long rectangular expanse of the interior.

Custom-made wall murals, included in the designs to surround the rooms and create more intimate spaces, were highlighted by decorative medallions and ballroom-sized mica chandeliers.

A sign system that matches the wall murals in style and brings the design theme together throughout the casino, changed the entire appearance of the updated space.

Build & Install

Major design structures and décor elements were all fabricated at I-5's in-house manufacturing facility and shipped to the Soboba site for installation.

By engineering and implementing what is virtually a completely new facility within the structure, including an extensive upgrade of the existing porte cochère, the stark original sprung structure has been replaced by an new upscale, sophisticated lodge-like casino. From top to bottom, including full redesign, a transformed entrance, and new signage, Soboba Casino now provides a warm, welcoming ambiance to guests.

Casino Design - Soboba Casino, implementation of exterior by I-5 Design.