Spirit Mountain Casino

Grand Ronde, Oregon

Project Objectives

This comprehensive 82,000 square foot design-build remodel transformed the Spirit Mountain location. Revenues did not go down, but actually went up during the remodel. The transformation provided a dramatic gaming experience as well as delivered a property wide upgrade to the image of the casino. 

Design & Planning

The key element in the design is the innovative ceiling beam system which features integrated color-changing LED lighting to produce a dynamic array of moods for the entire space. 

Working with casino management, designs were created which worked within the constraints of the location. Timeframes were dramatically reduced by creating a phasing plan that allowed the maximum number of games to remain open. The major amenities and revenue creating areas were also made available for guests while the remodel was taking place.

Build & Install

On-site construction timeframes were cut approximately 70% by building and pre-assembling the custom elements off-site.

I-5’s in-house design and architectural team reviewed the components and structures as they were being constructed, ensuring absolute integrity of the design and no “surprises” on-site. Even with an accelerated initial schedule, the project was completed approximately six weeks ahead of the planned finish date, allowing the final areas to open prior to the Christmas/New Year’s Holiday.

Finished Project

The tribe, casino management, and guests are very happy with the results.