Ute Mountain Casino

Towaoc, Colorado

Project Objectives

Ute Mountain Casino worked with I-5 Design to dramatically upgrade the visual presentation for the exterior of their property, with updated architectural elements and specialty décor and lighting systems designed to maximize the impact and draw of the location.

exterior casino upgrade - ute mountain casino, exterior design sketch

Design & Planning

The new casino design theme combined contemporary architecture, dynamic LED lighting systems, and specialty décor structures.

Traditional native artwork patterns and design motifs were incorporated into the design in order to deliver a unique and distinctive look for the property. The programmable color changing LED lighting system integrated into the decorative structures and updated architecture around the perimeter of the building allowed for the entire exterior presentation to be changed as desired by casino marketing staff, which added to the impact of the exterior presentation.

Build & Install

The majority of the new architectural features and custom décor elements were fabricated offsite in approximately 12 weeks.

I-5’s temperature controlled production facility allowed each custom element to be pre-assembled prior to the start of the work onsite, including integration and pre-wiring of the LED lighting systems. This ensured the onsite work was completed in a highly efficient manner, with a greatly reduced amount of onsite construction needed. This unique process created a highly efficient “performance” for casino guests and staff during the project. 

exterior casino renovation - ute mountain upgrade, exterior casino after remodel.

Finished Project

The remodel was completed in approximately 14 weeks and done in phases to allow customer access to the entrances and Porte Cochere

During the onsite construction, our installation team was able to perform a variety of upgrades which also helped with the long-term quality and durability of the existing building finishes.

The project was highly successful with the casino and the tribe very happy with the finished results.