Coeur d'Alene Casino VIP Gaming Remodel 

Coeur d'Alene Casino wanted to create a luxury amenity to cater to their VIP guests and further establish the property as a premier gaming and entertainment destination in the region. Working closely with the I-5 team, a plan was developed to transform an underperforming dining area into a luxurious oasis to draw both new and existing VIPs.



Location: Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
Duration: 16 Weeks
Project Size: 6,500 sf
Services: Design-Build Renovation

Project Approach

Traditional Influence, Premium Materials

The new design blends traditional tribal influence with premium materials and finishes to create a compelling amenity. A custom LED video wall was installed and programmed with vibrant scenes inspired by the local landscape. The video technology, combined with custom lighting, allows management to create the mood and ambiance they desire and further tailor the room to craft a unique guest experience. All displays were programmed offsite for maximum efficiency so that onsite timelines could be met.


A new Food Court was also designed to replace the previous buffet as a high quality, convenient food & beverage outlet. This new amenity supports gaming guests while keeping them close to the central action and excitement of the gaming floor. A natural palette combining rich amber and gold finishes with warm earth-tones drawn from the surrounding region provides the venue with its own unique identity, while also tying in with the contemporary tribal theme of the location as a whole.

Turnkey Implementation With No Disruption to Gaming Operations

Turn-key implementation of the project by the I-5 team, in close coordination with casino staff and management, allowed for a highly streamlined, efficient installation, with no downtime to gaming operations in the adjacent casino area during the entire construction process. To make this possible, the onsite construction area was enclosed, ensuring that there was no interruption to the guest experience.


The entire curving ceiling system, which evokes winding river imagery from the surrounding natural landscape, was prefabricated and pre-assembled offsite along with significant portions of the new VIP entrance and interior décor package. Leveraging construction in a controlled offsite environment not only ensured maximum build quality and visual impact, but also allowed for the highly expedited onsite installation of these custom elements.

Successful New Draws for Two Key Customer Demographics

The team at CDA is very happy with this comprehensive remodel project and the new draw it’s created for two of their most important customer demographics. The VIP gaming lounge offers a luxurious oasis for VIP clientele, while the quick service restaurant is a convenient, high-quality amenity that caters to guests near the main gaming floor. This turn-key transformation has not only unlocked new value from a once underperforming area but further cemented the casino’s position as a premier luxury venue.

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