Beach Rock Lounge

Clearwater wanted to create an all-new sports and entertainment destination within the casino. Beach Rock drew inspiration from Coast Salish art and incorporated sleek and modern finishes to deliver a dynamic, exciting venue. The space was planned around two goals, providing a fun, social experience for watching live sporting events along with the ability to transform and provide live musical entertainment. A central stage features a giant LED screen which can both serve as a viewing display for sports or as a backdrop for highly memorable live performances. 



Location: Suquamish, Washington
Design Influence: Coast Salish Art
Project Size: 9,000 sf
Services: Design Build Interior Package

Our Approach

Design & Planning

In collaboration with the casino team, I-5's architects and designers created conceptual design drawings which created the overall design impact for the space. 

 The strong floor-to-ceiling centerpiece reflects the culture, borrowing shapes commonly used within Salish art, creating a focal point for the lounge while providing separation between the bar and the dance floor. Following the overall theme, the original carpet design is a unique pattern that continues throughout the rest of the Casino. The beautiful use of programmable light was utilized throughout the lounge, adding visual interest and dimension to the overall project.


I-5 refined the schematic designs and theming concepts to ensure that the overall space planning and functionality achieved the desired goals of the owner and that the new construction created the right overall atmosphere and visual impact.

Build & Install

In order to maximize the effectiveness of the onsite project, the custom design elements were built offsite during the same timeframe as the onsite construction. This parallel construction path, produced a more efficient project and better finished project for the casino. Once the drywall finishes were installed and the venue brought to a 'white box' level, all of the interior finishes were installed by the same team of specialists who built the custom design elements. 

Finished Project

The new Beach Rock Lounge truly captures the imagination of guests and produced a signature entertainment destination. The venue is the place to watch local sports teams and adds to the overall draw of the property. Vibrant programmable lighting creates a high level of entergy and excitment in the venue for live musical performances. 

The casino teams are extremely happy with this new venue and the results that are being creating for Clearwater Casino. 

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