Cliff Castle Casino Remodel

Cliff Castle Casino is a premier entertainment destination for customers seeking Northern Arizona's finest gaming experience. However, with few changes to the facility since its opening over two decades ago, the tribe and casino management team decided it was time for an upgrade. Their goal was to further enhance the casino's authentic atmosphere in an effort to increase guest counts and enhance customer loyalty to the property. I-5 designed and executed a comprehensive casino remodel that accomplished all of the client's goals two months ahead of the project schedule.



Location: Camp Verde, Arizona
Duration: 20 Weeks
Project Size: 42,000 sf
Services: Comprehensive Renovation

Our Approach to the Casino Remodel


Comprehensive Approach to Design 

The upgraded casino design combines a classic, contrasting color palette with regional thematic elements to create a contemporary atmosphere that pays homage to the rich landscape and traditions of the American southwest. From the transformed gaming floor and all-new sportsbook to the re-imagined Verde and Strata Bars, all the way to the remodeled heritage exhibits for the Apache and Yavapai tribes, every aspect of this turnkey casino remodel draws the eye and delights the senses.


The I-5 design-build process begins with understanding the goals of the customer so the correct solutions can be applied. For the Cliff Castle project, I-5 architects and interior design teams began with a 3D model of the areas to be renovated and then created a design plan that not only look excellent but addressed the client's operational needs for the renovation. This approach ensured well-thought-out solutions were presented to the client during the conceptual design phase and served as the foundation for final project planning. Once the design direction was approved by the client, our architects and engineers created detailed construction drawings for both onsite and offsite construction teams.  

High Efficency Construction Methods

Working closely with the Cliff Castle management team, I-5 was able to unlock several opportunities to accelerate delivery and effectively complete the project two months ahead of schedule, all with zero change orders or cost overruns. Simultaneous construction happened both offsite and onsite to minimize the impact on guests and ensure the most efficient project. This approach meant massive ceiling and column structures could be installed in days onsite vs typical weeks or months with a level of quality not achievable when constructing elements in the field. As onsite teams completed area demolition and infrastructure changes, offsite construction teams arrived on site to install the planned structures and specialty elements within that phase.


Approaching the project in this way meant slot count stayed consistent even as every customer-facing area of the casino was transformed. Not only did guests continue to enjoy a world-class gaming experience while watching upgrades take place around them, but Cliff Castle also seamlessly generated consistent cashflows and revenues throughout the entire remodel thanks to efficient phasing and acceleration where possible of the project schedule.

Project Completion, Ahead of Schedule 

With transparent communication and a tight partnership between the design, construction, and casino management team, this turnkey casino remodel was completed two months ahead of schedule with zero change orders.

The end result is a beautiful, functional, and engaging atmosphere that has increased the customer draw both locally and regionally. The Cliff Castles management team is delighted with the remodel, and they have enjoyed outstanding ROI results and customer feedback since the project's ahead-of-schedule completion.

"We couldn't have done this remodel without I-5 Design, we are amazed! This is the best project I have ever worked on and it's because of I-5" 

Aaron Moss, General Manager
Cliff Castle Casino

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