Coeur d'Alene Casino 

The Tribe and casino management team wanted to transform the existing gaming floor and event center to produce a dynamic gaming and entertainment destination, and expand their draw throughout the entire region. It was important to the Tribe to respectfully integrate elements of hertiage and culture into the overall plan. 


Location: Worley, Idaho
Duration: 22 Weeks
Project Size: 68,000 sf
Services: Comprehensive Design Build

Our Approach

Conceptual Design 

The concept design for the renovation built on the history and culture of the Coeur d’Alene Tribe and the surrounding area in a contemporary, stylistic way. The entire gaming environment was updated without requiring any major structural changes, allowing the project to focus on creating the best possible impact for the space. Tribally-inspired artistic wall murals, decorative light fixtures with cultural motifs, and stylized architectural features help to create a sense of cohesion throughout the project, while also establishing a unique visual theme in each gaming area.

As the visual design details were coming together for the project, architecture and engineering teams were planning a highly efficient onsite construction scope that worked with the existing loading considerations of the building to minimize strucutral changes and focus the budget on the visual impact. Ongoing collaboration with our onstie construction teams throughout the architectural planning phase resulted in better solutions for the client, in one case, streamlining the construction process by 3 weeks onsite.    


In each project this collaborative process takes place, which often results in shorter onsite project durations, without increases in the project cost. Our construction superintendants and architects work together throughout the onsite potion of the project as well, ensuring that the best solutions happen for the customer when unforseen construction conditions are discovered.    

In order to create the most efficient timeframes onsite, approximatly 70% of the project was constructed, pre-assembled, and tested offsite. This allowed fully compelted project components to be installed in a matter of days, rather that weeks or months needed to perform the work onsite. This also provided a superior quality of construction for the completed elements and provided time for fine tuning all of lighting and finishes prior to the onsite performance of the project. 

The gaming floor was remodeled with all-new floor to ceiling finishes, specialty décor, and programmable lighting systems; new raised access flooring; a new High Limit area and corner bar; and upgrades to the HVAC system for improved indoor air quality. The Event Center remodel included all-new finishes, large format LED media walls, an expanded stage, new bar, and telescoping platform seating for a high quality entertainment experience.

The 68,000 sf remodel project took just 22 weeks to execute onsite and has provided a significant upgrade to the overall gaming and entertainment experience. A majority of the work was performed offsite, prior to installation, minimizing downtime for the property and allowing the implementation to proceed efficiently and be completed ahead of schedule. The Coeur d’Alene Tribe, casino management and staff, and guests of the property have been extremely happy with the results.

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