Coeur d'Alene Casino

Nighthawk Lounge

Coeur D’Alene Casino wanted to upgrade their Nighthawk Lounge without compromising the gaming floor theme and atmosphere. I-5 created a lounge design and custom décor package that would enhance the existing features and gives the lounge a new look while maintaining the inviting atmosphere.



Location: Worley, Idaho
Duration: 6 Weeks
Project Size: 1,100sf
Services: Comprehensive Design-Build Services

CDA Casino - Nighthawk Lounge
CDA Casino - Nighthawk Lounge
CDA Casino - Nighthawk Lounge
CDA Casino - Nighthawk Lounge
CDA Casino - Nighthawk Lounge
CDA Casino - Nighthawk Lounge

Our Approach

Design & Planning

Fusing cool blue lighting with warm hues, I-5 created an energetic and inviting atmosphere throughout the space. The new entrance structure was designed with tapered architectural stone columns and stained wood poles to tie in with the existing timber perimeter valance and teepee structure in the center of the gaming floor. The custom etched metal curved valance and “NIGHTHAWK LOUNGE” lettering on either side of the structure made the lounge visible to all patrons.


Inside the lounge, the custom 41’ long x 11’ wide etched metal woven ceiling element continues the theme and leads you to the bar. A three-sided curved bar expands the area of the lounge, showcasing a premium black quartz countertop with specialty metal and wood facing containing an integrated blue lighting system below. Suspended above the countertop are six blue pendant lights contrasting against the specialty metal copper wall panels and creating a dynamic feature within the space.

The décor package also included bar stools for the main bar and wall-mounted casework, as well as new tables and chairs for the rest of the lounge seating area.

As the conceptual design phase was completed and the owners approved the project, the I-5 architectural team created the onsite construction drawings and collaborated with our offsite production teams on the methods for creating the decor plan. Large overhead structures along with floor-to-ceiling finishes were produced and provided as components of the design-build project.   

As the onsite demo of the existing space was underway, the overhead decor structures were constructed offsite to minimized the onsite timeframes needed for the project. 

This project utilized the existing structures within the lounge space, while pa modern twist on the interior by adding a custom lighting system to the ceiling beams and providing a wash of color to the ceiling surface without any structural changes.

All of the custom decor elements and lighting features, even the 29’ wide x 14’ tall entrance, was fabricated and pre assembled in-house by I-5’s craftsmen, with high-quality materials and finishes, for a seamless installation.


Finished Project

The Nighthawk Lounge design was added partway through the buffet remodel, but with excellent communication, the project still finished within a 4-week schedule. 

I-5’s concept to completion approach to renovations and remodels ensures that every solution and detail from the design to the finished project is anticipated and exceeds management’s expectations. This approach also allows for the planning of the build and installation to happen during the design phase, enabling smooth transitions and an amazing finished project.

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