Dairy Queen

Working with DQ's corporate branding team, a new image was created for the Pacific Northwest Region in order to upgrade the exteriors of multiple retail locations. These exterior components brought personality to the Dairy Queen brand, while also creating a welcoming destination for their guests.  


Location: Pacific Northwest Region
Duration: Varied by Location 
Project Size: Varied by Location
Services: Design Build Exterior Upgrades

Our Approach

Design & Plan

Working from existing elevation and floorplan drawings, I-5 created a new branding package that introduced exterior thematic elements that created a new look and feel for franchise locations. In order to maintain flexibility across a wide variety of existing stores, rock wall towers were introduced that would break up the typical linear facade while allowing for rapid installation on site. These rock wall towers could be constructed off-site and brought onsite and installed as a complete component. This plan was combined with upper wall finishes and accent awnings to provide a welcoming personality for the locations. 

The DQ Franchise group loved the new approach and quickly approved the direction to be installed at their member locations across the Pacific Northwest. Teams built the framework and applied 90% of the stone finishes to the tower elements off-site which further expedited the rollout of the new branding package.  


Rock wall façades that showcased signage

Colorful awnings and upper walls

Dramatic lighting for nighttime visibility and impact

Build & Results

I-5 was able to manufacture the exterior signage and branding elements at its own state-of-the-art production facility, then ship the components to each site and oversee the installation, ensuring that the integrity of the Dairy Queen corporate brand was consistently represented across their locations.

With this "concept to completion” one-source capability, each client had the peace of mind that they could work with one contact for everything from design changes, to actually seeing the project through the installation phase.

Independent franchise owners across the Pacific Northwest region were extremely happy with how quickly the exterior upgrades were able to be performed and the customer increases they saw as a result of the new look for their locations.    

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